23部杂乱小说We perform 23部杂乱小说, analysis, troubleshooting and equipment life extension services, assisting clients in the energy, mining, manufacturing, oil/gas, chemical and other industries solve complex problems – allowing them to increase production performance, and become more cost-efficient.

Our services also include expert witness and forensic engineering services – determining the root cause of failures, fire/explosions and product liability issues.

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Design & Analysis

Design and thermal, stress, finite element, vibration and fatigue analysis

Engineering Services

Investigating design and materials, weld, metallurgical and corrosion issues on components.

Expert Witness / Forensic Engineering

Expert witness services, litigation support, and forensic engineering investigations to legal, insurance, and industrial firms.

Technical Services

Due Diligence, Hazard, and Safety Analysis to ensure plants and facilities run optimally.

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Who We Are

Providing Expertise
Performing design, analysis and troubleshooting services to Engineering Codes including AWS, API and ASME.

What We Do

Providing Solutions
Assisting companies improve their bottom line through resolving design, materials/weld and operating issues.

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