Restoring Jou?t Caprice 75

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500短篇超污多肉推荐Friday8 February 2013

Happy 2013 from Lil' Mule II!

Un petite image pour dire que ?a navigue toujours bien ! :)


Monday 14 November 2011

Lil' Mule II continues on YouTube

Though the restoration work will continue, the modifications are minor and thepurpose of this blog has achieved.

The sailing adventures of Jou?t Caprice 75 will continue on her YouTube channel (clickhere).

See you there!

Monday 26 September 2011

Sail trial after the restoration

jouet caprice

I took her out this afternoon for a trial sail. There was next to no wind atall, and I admit using the motor to get from one pocket of wind to another. Itnevertheless allowed me to see how she was under sail - even if it was with thesmall headsail.

Motor trial of Jou?t Caprice 75 after the restoration


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