Infants are Uniquely Vulnerable to Aluminium in Vaccines

av小游戏av小游戏Infants are Uniquely Vulnerable to Aluminium in Vaccines

Professor Chris Exley | 9th January 2020 | Infection/Disease, Paediatrics, Pharmacy/Drugs
The Hippocratic Post

av小游戏Aluminium is Toxic

In 1984, as an undergraduate at the University of Stirling, Scotland and while carrying out my first piece of independent research, I watched for the first time a fish, a salmon parr, die from acute aluminium toxicity. The whole process took less than forty-eight hours. Within six hours, the fish showed signs of distress and its behaviour changed markedly. It proceeded to seek out the corners of the tank, pushing its head and body against the side of the tank. After twenty-four hours, it began to move randomly and chaotically around the tank before losing its orientation, slipping onto its back, taking a last gasp, before dying. I was left in no doubt about the toxicity of aluminium. I am recalling this event herein because there does seem to be significant complacency concerning the toxicity of aluminium.

An Aluminium Adjuvant is Acutely Toxic Too

In a recent post ( I explained why a single injection of a vaccine that includes an aluminium adjuvant is, akin to the salmon above, also an acute exposure to aluminium. It is acute because the total concentration of aluminium in the immediate vicinity of the injection site is extremely high, in the case of a single dose of Infanrix Hexa vaccine, approximately 8000 times higher than is required to kill a salmon parr within forty-eight hours. Even allowing for some dilution of the injected aluminium adjuvant into body fluids bathing and innervating the tissues surrounding the injection site the total concentration of aluminium in a vaccine is sufficient to cause cell death within hours and perhaps minutes of receiving the injection. This is the definition of an acute response, death (cells or whole organism) within a short period of exposure to a toxin. It is a necrotic form of cell death. It initiates an inflammatory response (redness at the injection site). This inflammation drives and perhaps accelerates the subsequent immune response ( A number of mechanisms bring about remediation of acute aluminium toxicity at a vaccine injection site. These are chemical, physical and biological. The toxic free metal ion, Al3+, forms soluble and insoluble complexes with myriad biological molecules while particles of aluminium adjuvant and other insoluble aluminium compounds are taken up by cells infiltrating the vaccine injection site. All of these processes act to reduce the acute toxicity of aluminium at the injection site by lowering the immediate concentration of toxic Al3+. These remedial processes act to secure aluminium in a number of different compartments. All are systemic and all are potential sources of biologically reactive aluminium to the rest of the body. Many chemical compartments where aluminium is bound in myriad different complexes including simple organic moieties like citrate or more complex proteins like the iron transport protein transferrin promote the transport of aluminium away from the injection site. These processes can be envisaged as continuous passive diffusion of soluble aluminium away from the injection site. The majority of injected aluminium adjuvant is particulate in the first instance and actively taken up, literally eaten, by a number of different cells infiltrating the injection site. Some particles of aluminium adjuvant are taken up by macrophages and thereafter they are retained at or close to the injection site as a granuloma. Generally, these collections of macrophages are considered as benign ‘cancers’ though such descriptions have been coined for situations where the cellular cargo is not aluminium. For example, macrophagic myofasciitis or MMF is a disease, first described by Romain Gherardi in Paris, in which aluminium-rich granulomas at vaccine injection sites are implicated in disease aetiology. Other cells heavily laden with aluminium do not remain close to the injection site and carry their cargo well beyond where the vaccine is administered, for example visiting local lymph nodes as early stops on their travels. Evidence is mounting that these cells may transport aluminium into brain tissue using both lymph and blood as access routes. Perhaps most worrying, evidence of transport of aluminium into brain tissue across the blood-brain barrier and meninges has been shown in autism ( Read more and comment at The Hippocratic Post.

If At First You Don't Succeed Introduce the Bill Again

An Act concerning exemptions from mandatory immunization requirements and amending various parts of the statutory law

New Jersey is ready for the next session after their loss on Monday.

We aren't going away.? None of us. There will be more of us. We'll get louder, more vociferous, fueled by our passion for safety and our determination to prevent what has happened to our own precious children from happening to others, and from taking our kids further down the rabbit hole.?? In every state in the nation.

We will haunt you for your sacrilege.

Steve Sweeney, New Jersey Senate President: This is STILL American Land

Yesterday brought us a hard earned, well fought victory in New Jersey as warriors protested against S2173 and its hideous, discriminatory amendment that would have removed the religious vaccine exemption from public schools, but allowed private Steve Sweeney schools to retain the exemption. The bill was NOT brought to a vote, shutting it down. THIS IS HUGE.

Steve Sweeney is the Senate President. One can assume that means he is of Irish descent. In Boston, when my grandmother was a girl "NINA" laws applied, NO IRISH NEED APPLY. The Irish Catholics were discriminated against? as sure as faith and begorrah.? And Steve Sweeney was trying to discriminate against all faiths for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry. New Jersey is Bruce Springsteen land.? As I drove home last night, knowing that so many had devoted their time, energy and galvanized this fight, I thought of this song, often sung as an encore during a Springsteen show.

What is this Land America. So many travel there
I'm going now while I'm still young. My darling, meet me there
Wish me luck, my lovely. I'll send for you when I can
And we'll make our home in the American Land

Over there all the woman wear silk and satin to their knees
And children dear, the sweets, I hear, are growing on the trees
Gold comes rushing out the river straight into your hands
When you make your home in the American Land

There's diamonds in the sidewalk, there's gutters lined in song
Dear, I hear that beer flows through the faucets all night long
There's treasure for the taking, for any hard-working man
Who will make his home in the American Land

I docked at Ellis Island in a city of light and spire
I wandered to the valley of red-hot steel and fire
We made the steel that built the cities with the sweat of our two hands
We made our home in the American Land

There's diamonds in the sidewalk, there's gutters lined in song
Dear, I hear that beer flows through the faucets all night long
There's treasure for the taking, for any hard-working man
Who will make his home in the American Land

The McNicholas and the Posalskis, the Smiths, Zerillis, too
The Blacks, the Irish, Italians, the Germans and the Jews
They come across the water a thousand miles from home
With nothing in their bellies but the fire down below

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Holley Whipping Against Vaccine Bill

I stand with New JerseyFrom New Jersey Globe on S2173 and the Amendment that allows Private Schools to retain their religious exemption.? How ANY politician in 2020 would not have seen how racist and elitist this amendment is only shows that the goal has never been public or pediatric health, there is a pharma agenda being forced upon us.? Each time pharma/politicians overstep the boundaries of American rights, more eyes open up. Surely this is the case here, and we hope it makes politicians like Jamel Holley more willing to take a look at the CDC Whistleblower and the damage done to African American children in particular. Every micron we move forward makes a difference.


Holley whipping against vaccine bill Assemblyman says he has votes to sink amended measure

...Assemblyman Jamel Holley is whipping votes against an amended version of a bill eliminating religious exemptions for vaccinations due for a vote in the legislature’s lower chamber on Monday.

The Assembly passed the original version of the bill 45-25 with six abstentions last month. The new version creates a carveout for private schools and daycares, though it requires those institutions report he number of enrolled children who inoculated.

“With these new amendments, I can guarantee that a majority, if not all of the African American Members of the Assembly will not be voting in support of this bill that discriminates based on wealth, address and ability to afford private education,” Holley said. “I’m working the phones, and we have gained traction to defeat the bill.”

Action Alert to Protest New Jersey S2173 January 13 in Trenton

I stand with New JerseyTomorrow, you're invited show up in Trenton, New Jersey to protest S2173, a bill that removes the right to a religious vaccine exemption for public school students, but allows private schools to retain the right as per an amendment added last week. The bill itself is horrible. The amendment is racist and elitist in the extreme. Students in PUBLIC school will be expelled if they do not have every vaccine mandated for school, and all vaccines that WILL be added in the future.

The Capitol is just a 1 mile walk from the Trenton Train station where AMTRAK runs. The weather is expected to be cloudy with a high of 51 degrees.

Stephanie Locricchio posted this action alert on Facebook. If you can attend, here are details to share and to make the day as effective as possible.? Consider updating your social media profile photo for 24 hours as well.? Thank you - and GOD SPEED to everyone there tomorrow.? Keep your cool. Try not to play into their "crazy anti-vaxxer" playbook.


From Stephanie:

In an effort to maximize our effectiveness and reduce confusion and chaos, we have formed a team of Intel Point People. We will be wearing av小游戏 to help you recognize us. Some of us will be inside and others outside. Here is a general idea of the structure of the day. This is NOT a firm timeline, so be prepared to listen to the direction Del gives to the crowd.

9:45 am Del Bigtree arrives in the Annex Courtyard and will be on the fountain area. PLEASE gather here. DO NOT line up to go in the building. We need the Annex Courtyard FILLED with us.

10:15 am Begin the walk over to the back of the Statehouse

10:30 am Caucus begins in the Senate and Assembly Chambers ***We will remain in the Senate Chambers Courtyard area until given direction from Del to move to the Assembly side of the Statehouse

12:00 pm Senate Chambers session begins ***Should S2173 pass the Senate, be prepared to go to the Assembly side of the Statehouse

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Three Goals

All threeBy Cathy Jameson

Last Monday, I was able to talk to someone on Ronan’s team about a few things, including getting a conversation started about guardianship.? That isn’t her area of expertise, but the nurse was able to offer some useful advice that I will look into. ?This is the same nurse who’d asked me what medical goals I had for Ronan when I met her in 2018. Back then, my goals were to stop the seizures and to help Ronan regain speech.? Since the seizures have continued, albeit, less in frequency thankfully, and since speech has yet to return, I kept those two goals current for 2020.? I didn’t ask if I could add another goal when the nurse came to update Ronan’s file, but I added one more anyway:? to help Ronan communicate more.??

Ronan can communicate, which is a huge blessing, and does so through a variety of ways.? As a non-verbal preschooler, he figured out that using sign language got him what he wanted.? As he aged, we discovered that Ronan could read, so we filled our house with print-rich items—flashcards, large-print picture dictionaries, and post-it notes were plastered throughout our home.? We labeled every single thing we could label.? Doing that helped.? Ronan read everything eagerly.? Then he began to write. ? He also started to type. ? He can and still does all of that.? So why make a communication goal???

Because I want to know more.??

Ronan is a simple kid.? Simple things make him really happy.? He can tell us that he’s happy with a smile, with a laugh, or by typing out h-a-p-p-y.? But sometimes, he gets sad.? He doesn’t tell us why he gets sad though.? And he can’t share why something is bothering him either.? We can usually deduce that something set him off, but if we don’t figure out what did, negative behaviors have the chance of creeping in.??That can make life more complicated.?

One negative behavior, if not diffused, can lead to more negative behaviors.??

Not wanting those to happen, my goal this year is to help Ronan communicate more...and to communicate better.? He does such a good job already, so I’d like to add new opportunities.? I haven’t yet figured out how to do that, but I’m determined to read and learn some strategies.? I am most curious to know what other kids like Ronan have done to be able to answer the WHY questions he doesn’t answer:


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New Jersey Proves Health is Not the Goal with S2173 Amendment

Courtesy Childrens Health Defense - Vote to Approve an Amendment to S2173
Courtesy Children's Health Defense - Vote to Approve an Amendment to S2173

We must revoke the Religious Vaccine Exemption in The Garden State!

Immune compromised children are at risk!

Every child needs to be fully vaccinated for health!

OK, how about if just the kids whose families can't afford private school lose their religious exemption? The families who are wealthy or who are able to scrimp and save to send their kids to Parochial, Religious or Private schools will get to keep their exemption.

And this is the message of the amendment which was added yesterday to New Jersey's S2173. These vaccine bills are NOT about public health, kids' health or anything having to with the health except for the lined pockets of politicians, the bottom lines of pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists and probably the teachers' unions.? According to ballotpedia, "In New Jersey, there were 211,150 students enrolled in 1,270 private schools in fall 2013.? ...There were an estimated 89 charter schools in the 2015-2016 school year ... enrolled approximately 44,600 students."

Assuming Charter Schools are included in the exemption, and I do not know that as of this writing, that's a quarter of a million students in one SMALL but populous state who will not lose their right to a religious exemption for full vaccination. The rest of the kids? Roll up your sleeves or you'll be expelled.

This is an outrage. Removal of the Religious Exemption is revolting enough. To add discrimination based on income or access to a private education is elitist in the extreme.

Stay tuned.

Yet Another "RARE" Autoimmune Disease Caused By Vaccines

Vaccines colorfulBy Teresa Conrick

This case study, just recently out, shows a bad result and we cannot deny its existence:?

?? ? Man Develops Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia After Getting Flu Vaccine, Case Study Reports? DECEMBER 3, 2019

The case highlights the importance of educating patients to report any unusual symptoms after vaccination.

The study, “Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia in a Renal Transplant Patient Following Seasonal Influenza Vaccination,” was published in the journal Case Reports in Hematology.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, or AIHA, occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own red blood cells, causing a reduction in the number of these cells and leading to hemolytic anemia.

Symptoms may include weakness, fatigue, and jaundice. Cold agglutinin disease (CAD) is one of the most common forms of AIHA, marked by the formation of autoantibodies against red blood cells formed upon exposure to cold temperatures.

AIHA can have an unknown origin or result from an underlying disease or medication. Vaccines have been associated with triggering this condition.

This report described the case of a man, age 58, who received a seasonal flu vaccine (quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine IIV4) as part of routine care.

That may have been considered a “rare” occurrence but researching Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia brought the following case studies up, also as a result of vaccination.? It’s important people are aware of this as it is a serious consequence, not always medically investigated, and can be fatal.?

Case in point:?



MILLMAN, Special Master On January 28, 1999, petitioner filed a petition on behalf of her daughter, Lauren Brown (hereinafter, “Lauren”),for compensation under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 19861 (hereinafter the "Vaccine Act" or the "Act"). ...Petitioner alleges that Lauren’s vaccinations were a substantial factor in Lauren’s contraction of hemolytic anemia, causing her death. Respondent denies causation. The court held a hearing in this case on May 10, 2000. Testifying for petitioner was Dr. Ralph Shapiro. Testifying for respondent was Dr. Gregory H. Reaman. Both are specialists in pediatrics, oncology, and hematology….

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Robert Kennedy Jr at Occupy Trenton

Occupy Trenton RFK speechThis week, a series of events is taking place in Trenton, New Jersey to fight against S2173, which removes the religious vaccine exemption in the state and opens the door to more mandates.? The process and results will set the stage for similar protests around the nation.

Below in italics is an excerpt from Robert Kennedy Jr's speech that can stand proudly next to the Ich bin ein Berliner speech made by his uncle, the President of the United States, in 1963.

The reason our message has been so soundly rejected by the average American (in my? opinion) is that? Doctors, Public Health "experts", Politicians and Moms especially do NOT believe that vaccines can harm their children.? They do not and they will not - because the mere thought is so disturbing as to be unthinkable. So profound as to require a level of critical thinking, a loss of status and income and bodacious decision making that most are not willing to undertake.


Companies make safe(r) products when their ass is on the bottom line.? Or they go out of business.
Vaccines are exempt from liability.

1 + 1 = 2.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
January 6, 2020, NJ State House.

“The four companies that produce all 72 vaccines that are mandated for American children, every one of them is a convicted felon. Since 2009, those four companies collectively have paid $35 billion dollars in criminal penalties and damages and fines for defrauding regulators, for falsifying science, for bribing doctors, for lying to the public, and for killing lots and lots of people.

Vioxx, a drug made by Merck, they knew it would cause heart attacks. They sold it as a headache pill. They didn’t tell people, you won’t have a headache, but you might have a heart attack. Of course, if they had, not too many people would have bought it.

So, they decided to keep it a secret. They killed a hundred and twenty thousand people minimum, probably five hundred thousand people. So I said to Adam Schiff, “What kind of cognitive dissonance does it require, to believe that this company, which is lying and cheating and killing with every other pharmaceutical product it makes, has found Jesus when it comes to vaccines?” Everybody knows you can’t sue a vaccine company. That’s why we had this gold rush explosion of vaccines beginning in 1989.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
January 6, 2020, NJ State House.

Southold School District Joins Opposition of Mandatory HPV Vaccine

Just say noSouthold School District has joined the list of several North Fork school districts who have publicly opposed the potential amendment to Section 2164 of the state public health law, which mandates a human papillomavirus vaccine for all public school students.

In a letter dated Dec. 18, 2019, from Southold’s five school board members to New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Senator Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo, board members said that they “fervently object to this proposed legislation” that would immunize all children born after Jan. 2, 2009.

The letter comes after one family in the district expressed concern to board members about the mandate. Superintendent David Gamberg said in a previous interview that the board has been working to consider “how they would like to proceed with these concerns in mind.”

If the legislation is approved by the Senate, it could take effect Sept. 1, 2021.

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Occupy Trenton to Rally Against S2173 Starts Strong

Ignore_your_rights_and_theyll_go_away_bumper_sticker-p128826149292922003trl0_400We'll be updating you on the events in Trenton to fight against the removal of Religious Vaccine Exemption in the Garden State - New Jersey, called Occupy Trenton. As we enter a Presidential election year where every single imaginable group (and some unimaginable until recently) is clamoring for and receiving protective measures, rights and positive press, ONLY ONE GROUP is consistently demonized and denied a voice and rights. And that's all of us fighting for the right to say NO to a vaccination. Even a single vaccination. A child who is one vax short of the required list for school will be out of compliance and unable to secure an education. Can you fathom that in America? What happened to the days when we all fought so that Ryan White, a boy with HIV who was not a threat to his fellow students by his mere presence could attend school?? Today, children with HIV and HEP B and other diseases are able to attend school while legislators, and to be blunt, the majority of them are from the party that starts with a D, are pushing for laws that would deny an education to healthy children, because of vaccinations status. We're approaching a witch hunt level of fear, dehumanization and ridicule that will, and I mean WILL lead to harm against us.? When you pit brother against brother, you can launch a bloody civil war.? Where are we in the mix of US residents (not all are "Americans") rightfully standing up for the right to exist and take part in society? Measles is not racing across the nation with death. And yet measles is the vehicle used to instill the fear needed to convince voters to let go of their rights. Many of us in the autism community are particularly affected by these laws, because our children have already fallen prey to vaccine side effects and injury. We know the horror of choosing a medical procedure with blind faith only to have it bite us from head to toe. Imagine the feeling of having to subject your children against your will to these procedures to attend school??? If the kids stay how, Mom and Dad can not go to work. The domino effect will tumble into areas we can't imagine.

If you're at Occupy Trenton, send me an email at with your perspective.?? Stay safe. Use your common sense. Don't let the other side rile you into a mistake. And thank you.


Occupy Trenton Against S2173 Starts On Epiphany

Occupy Trenton Jan 6
Photo credit Kevin Barry First Freedoms

Robert Kennedy Jr live from Trenton today as concerned citizens speak out about state bill S2173.

From Kathleen Hayes McCarthy on AofA last month: For over 50 years, the religious exemption in New Jersey has required a parent or guardian to write a letter explaining how vaccinating their child(ren) went against their religious beliefs and interfered with their relationship with God. This letter was then required to be privately submitted to primary and secondary schools. This system worked, proving that public health measures and religious liberty can co-exist in NJ.

This new bill S2173/A3818 completely removes the religious exemption from New Jersey law. No longer can the faithful believe in God’s power to protect them. No longer can the faithful rely on their God-given immune system to fight the everyday battles it was designed to do. No longer will a person of faith be able to choose whether to partake in substances being injected into his/her body. There is no more choice and no more consent for the faithful in New Jersey who want to attend public or private school.

And what better day to occupy the New Jersey State Capital in Trenton than Epiphany? From Children's Health Defense about this 8 day event:

Join RFK, Jr. in Trenton, NJ as He Stands with Activists for Religious Freedom!

NJ activists needs your help. Join them for Occupy Trenton, Jan. 6th – Jan. 14th.

NJ legislators have until January 13th, the end of the legislative session, to bring legislation to a vote that will remove religious exemptions in NJ. If another state falls, even more states will be targeted for the Spring. We must all take a stand for medical rights!

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V is for Vaccine at WW is for Weight Watchers Oprah Vision 2020 Event

V is for Vaccine OPRAH FLORIDA

WW presents "Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus." Oprah Winfrey has launched a national campaign through Weight Watchers, the weight loss company she owns that was founded by Jean Nidetch,? a housewife and mother living in Queens, New York City, conceived the original Weight Watchers diet and program in the 1960s, after her dissatisfaction in following the "Prudent Diet", a diet developed in the 1950s by Dr. Norman Jolliffe, head of the board's Bureau of Nutrition.

A decade ago, Katie Wright wrote to defend Oprah after Newsweek ran a hatchet job piece about Winfrey. In 2007, Oprah had Katie Wright and others on her TV show to talk about autism. Autism.? After doctors on the program spread false info about vaccines, Katie asked Oprah during a commercial break if she could shatter the vaxx ceiling and tell her son's story. Oprah said "YES" and we need to remember this moment.? This was the first time vaccine injury and autism had been broached on national television.

Katie described her appearance with Oprah and how grateful she was, we ALL WERE, for a platform to speak freely: Oprah gave me the opportunity to speak freely, for which I am tremendously grateful, but at NO time did she endorse my opinion. Oprah carefully listened to all sides of the debate. Somehow “Newsweek” interprets episodes like these as promoting “crazy talk.” Since when is a free an open exchange of ideas so frightening? When did asking questions and telling our children’s stories become subversive? Why is talking about vaccine safety and conflicts of interest forbidden? Why does this concern the CDC and “Newsweek” more than the fact that 1 in 100 American boys have autism? Instead “Newsweek” quoted doctors and CDC officials who expounded on the real and terrible dangers of “celebrities”, “the internet”, free speech and talk shows! Now that sounds like crazy talk to me.

Last Fall, Oprah told her story of how she had pneumonia, and she recommended everyone get their vaccines. Today, I am asking Oprah to remember Katie Wright, and her Mom Suzanne as she spreads medical recommendations to her vast cadre of fans and acolytes. Oprah wields tremendous influence on millions of women, Moms, Aunts, Grandmothers, Sisters, Mothers-to-be, Mother of kids with vaccine injury.?? Rather than pulling a Newsweek and chastising Oprah for her connection to Pharma and vaccine recommendations, I'm pulling a Kim Rossi and simply asking her to... remember how SHE felt when Newsweek attacked her.? How she felt when Katie poured out her heart and soul.? For so many of us, weight loss is the least of our worries. Self care is often a dream.?

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Transportation from Manhattan and Bronx for January 8 Vaccine Rights Rally in Albany

AlbanyFriends, we know it's tough for many of us to get out and pound the pavement because of our obligations to our children. If you can and would like to attend the Vaccine Rights and Lobbying Day in Albany, this Wednesday the 8th, there is a $40 bus available from both Manhattan and The Bronx.? Thank you to John Gilmore and the Autism Action Network for the link to the EVENTBRITE tickets.? Click HERE to buy your ticket. If you choose to drive, the address is

Legislative Office Building & Empire State Plaza

198 State Street

Albany, NY 12210

A bus to the Vaccine Rights Rally and Lobbying Day in Albany on Jan. 8 will be leaving from Manhattan, W. 97th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus at 6 am with a second stop at Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx at 6:30 am with arrival in Albany at 9 am. The bus will leave Albany at 5 pm stopping first at Pelham Bay Park with anticipated arrival at W. 97th Street at 9 pm. Restroom on bus with at least one rest stop. Bring food and drink. Dress warmly. Wear a white garment, hat, scarf, etc.

The Year Ahead

18 black balloonBy Cathy Jameson

It’s the sixth, and I’m finally ready to start January. ?I’m aware the new month has already started, but it usually takes me a few days to get every appointment, every sports event and every outing listed on our big family wall calendar. ?Once everything is on the calendar, I breathe a little sigh of relief. ?Sometimes, I’m completely organized for the month ahead. ?Other times, I’m far from it. ?

Prepared or not, each time that I turn a calendar page over, I get a little excited. ?I look at what we’ve accomplished in the last four weeks with a big smile. ?We’ve done so much!??That’s a good feeling to have. ?Wanting to keep the momentum, I look at what’s recorded for the next month’s activities and add anything new that’s popped up. ?A different feeling come over me this time as I scan the page –?Holy smokes! We have so much to do.??Putting it back on the wall where we can all see it, I walk away from the calendar hoping that I haven’t forgotten anyone or anything. ?

My?expectations?are great. ?They have to be. ?There’s lots of us Jamesons living here in our home. ?While we are one unit, each of us have our own things going on. ?If I don’t carefully plan for what’s coming up, someone’s practice, game, or appointment could get forgotten. ?Being forgotten is almost as bad as double booking myself, which I’ve accidentally done before. ?So as not to make any mistakes, I also try to plan farther out than just the next four weeks. ?I did that last week when I turned multiple calendar pages to add birthdays, anniversaries, six-month follow up visits and more through to the end of 2020. ?I know I’ll be better prepared months down the road when I see the reminders I jotted down this week. ?

Peeking at the rest of the year wasn’t a bad idea. ?As I got closer to the final months, I knew that we’d have both a countdown and a count up ahead. ?Ronan turns 18 this year. ?18! ?

T-minus 11 months to adulthood. ?

T-plus(?) 11 months to guardianship.

Ronan’s birthday will certainly be joyous. ?We’ll celebrate it by taking Ronan out to his favorite restaurant. ?We’ll shower his with gifts and remember all the good that he’s brought to our lives. ?Besides carrying on our old, standby traditions, if Ronan continues to need the care he needs today, his next birthday will include a new beginning—that little thing called guardianship.

I’ve yet to read everything there is to know about the transition Ronan, and we, will experience when he turns 18. ?I’ve heard a lot, I’ve seen a lot of parents go through the process, but I still have much to do to prepare for it. ?Petitions, trusts, and a care plan are top of the list. ?Another list, this one of people to talk to, will also have resources of local and state agencies I’ll want to check out. ?Several of the people on that list, including one whom I’ll get to speak to as early as tomorrow, are already very familiar with my son and his intensive needs.

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Schools Now Take The Place of Mental Health Institutions

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

Disabled children are changing the face of education in the 21st century, and the evidence is overwhelming. And yes, the impact of the ever-increasing autism rate is a big part of the story, but it’s not just about autism. Intellectually, behaviorally and emotionally students today are noticeably different from past generations.

Below is just a fraction of recent coverage in the mainstream press that clearly documents the decline of children everywhere. Incredibly these are increases without explanation. Exploding numbers and soaring costs are accepted without question by today’s reporters and educators. The only solutions talked about involve more money for more programs, schools and therapists as if these things can continue indefinitely.

What is never discussed is the future when this disabled, costly population does to adult social services what they’re doing to schools worldwide.

?These stunning reports should have everyone’s attention.


Rockford (IL) Register Star: Schools aren’t supposed to forcibly restrain children as punishment. In Illinois, it happened repeatedly ?

An analysis of more than 15,000 physical restraints in 100 Illinois school districts from August 2017 to early December 2018 found that about a quarter of the interventions began without any documented safety reason. …

Records show that most of the children restrained had behavioral or intellectual disabilities….

…Together, districts used these restraints nearly 1,800 times in the 15-month period examined.

Thirteen-hundred of those floor restraints were in the prone position, and three districts accounted for the majority of those incidents.

?(UK) Motherwell Times: Inspectorate’s concerns over special schools in Motherwell, Uddingston and Coatbridge??

Three North Lanarkshire special schools have received harsh assessments from inspectors….

Clydeview School,?hit the headlines last March as North Lanarkshire Council called in police to investigate allegations of use of improper restraint involving an autistic child. This resulted in four members of staff being suspended….

In the report from this further inspection they wrote: “A?number of children display challenging behaviour as a result of their?social and emotional needs. This leads to a significant number of incidents of conflict and disruption to learning on a regular basis. Staff’s approaches to promoting positive behaviour are not having an impact on improving relationships and behaviour across the school.”


Lakeland (FL) Ledger: Student assaults on Polk County school officials skyrocket

Between mid-August and early December this school year, there have been 26 incidents….

The numbers also show a trend: more than 60 percent of those assaults each year are routinely committed by special education students — those students who have learning disabilities or behavioral issues and are receiving special accommodations to help them….

Judd said there has been a breakdown in society and some parents are not holding their children accountable for their bad behavior.

Deputy Superintendent John Hill, who has worked in education for 25 years, said a number of factors have developed over the last few decades that has adversely impacted children.

“I often tell people that children have not changed; what has changed is our society, environment and popular culture,”…



(UK) Newcastle upon Tyne Chronicle: New ?6.3m [$8M US] Sunderland specialist autism school vows to provide 'the very best education'

A new multi-million pound school is set to provide specialist education and support for children with autism in Sunderland.

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Plotkin's Vaccines“...the fully protective level of neutralizing antibodies is not known" (Plotkin)

“However, the vaccine gives an attenuated infection, and it is not the case that antibody levels remain permanently elevated in vaccinees. The current situation is responsible for reevaluation of the long-term efficacy of measles vaccine" (Plotkin)

"..the circulation of new genotypes of measles virus (as well as mumps) make vaccination campaigns ineffective"

"It is finally admitted that vaccinees can spread the virus!!!"

Revised link: See the original at The article by Stanley A Plotkin is viewable here.

By Nassim Langrudi

EXPLOSIVE NEW PUBLICATION BY STANLEY A. PLOTKIN - Order to retreat: vaccines are neither safe nor effective! Undersigning? it is the world leading expert on vaccination.

An article was published on? November 1, 2019 which was to say the least explosive [1], that strangely enough has nevertheless gone under the radar: no one is talking about it, at least in public. Perhaps because the impact of its contents is remarkable. However, rumors tell us that the World Health Organization would be rather worried about these black-and-white admissions that unequivocally certify those problems that have been reported for a long time - on the one hand by doctors, epidemiologists and researchers an on the other hand, by a large slice of the population that questions the enforced expansion of vaccination practice today.

First of all, the weight of these considerations is considerable because of the author: we are not talking about just any university professor or any immunologist, but Stanley A. Plotkin, regarded for all intents and purposes as "the father of world vaccinology" - author of the book "Vaccines" [2] which is the reference text with regard to vaccinations in general.

?Plotkin has lately ringed-up a series of public admissions of enormous importance. He was summoned as an expert witness in favor of forced vaccination in a legal dispute between parents divided over whether or not to vaccinate their daughter. Aaron Siri, the mother's lawyer who was opposed to her daughter being vaccinated, questioned the doctor under oath in New Hope, Pennsylvania, on January 11, 2018. The footage of the deposition is easily available on youtube. [3]

Subsequently, just last November, the same Plotkin published this article, entitled: "Is there a correlate of protection for measles vaccine?", which aims to re-establish the effectiveness (in other words revising current beliefs about the effectiveness) of measles vaccinations in the light of the latest "epidemics" found or declared in Europe and the USA. The article contains facts and deductions that demonstrate the bad faith of the whole propaganda operation underpinning global vaccination programs. In practice, many of the doubts that parents have when they critically consider whether to have their children administered vaccines are justified. The doyen of vaccinology certifies in black and white the same issues that parents who are against compulsory vaccination? are calling for. Many concepts are exposed, let us move on to the points. It turns out that:

1) It is not possible to rely on the antibody titer that has so far been deemed appropriate to confer immunity. More precisely, “the fully protective level of neutralizing antibodies is not known".

So, how can we establish the effectiveness of the vaccine?

2) It is not possible to say with certainty that the measles vaccine gives permanent (lifetime) immunity as the natural disease does-and this is contrary to what has so far been propagated with regard to vaccinations: “However, the vaccine gives an attenuated infection, and it is not the case that antibody levels remain permanently elevated in vaccinees. The current situation is responsible for reevaluation of the long-term efficacy of measles vaccine".


Ervebo Ebola Vaccine Falls Under the Federal CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program

EbolaIt can’t get any worse, can it?

By Wayne Rohde

With the news of the approved Ebola vaccine by the FDA, many questions arise. Will it shed, is it a live virus, will we see Ebola outbreaks on our shores? While I can’t answer those questions conclusively, I do want to bring to your attention something that has been brewing in the background for several years.

It wears a black hood & cape, wants to remain anonymous and no hero to those who fall victim to vaccine injury or death. There is another federal program, hardly known to the public. And one that I do not wish upon anyone.


The federal program, CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) is lurking in the darkness and hiding undercover at The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to establish the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) in 2010.[i]

A countermeasure is a vaccination, medication, device, or other item recommended to diagnose, prevent or treat a declared pandemic, epidemic or security threat. The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program was created so that in the unlikely event you experience a serious injury from a covered countermeasure, you may be considered for benefits.[ii]

Now what is the Prep Act?

The PREP Act, which was enacted as part of the Department of Defense, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations to address hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, and Pandemic Influenza Act of 2006 (Pub. L. 109–148) on December 30, 2005, confers broad liability protections to covered persons and authorizes compensation to eligible individuals who sustain serious physical injuries or deaths as the direct result of the administration or use of a covered countermeasure for a disease, condition, or threat that the Secretary of HHS determines either constitutes a current public health emergency, or there is a credible risk that the disease, condition, or threat may in the future constitute such an emergency. This determination is identified in a declaration issued by the Secretary under the PREP Act.[iii]

Something else about the PREP Act. It has been revised during both Bush 43 and Obama Administrations to include emergency measures to be taken to combat pandemic outbreaks. This includes quarantine measures by the state or federal government. We all need to become very aware of this dastardly legislation. Just remember what was shown in the 2011 movie Contagion. You get the idea.

So what is covered in the CICP?

Anthrax vaccine was the 1st major designated biologic for this program. And we all know the horrors of what happened to so many of our military personnel. Just search Dr. Meryl Nash and her great work uncovering this horrible tragedy.

H1N1 and TamiFlu influenza vaccines when first available to the public were included in the CICP until they were approved as a covered vaccine in the NVICP. Lovely.

Then comes along the manufactured Zika crisis and a vaccine was developed. The Zika vaccine is covered in the program.

I do not want to forget nerve agents, small pox, botulinum toxin, radiation, and any other future pandemic biologic vaccine or device.

The Secretary of HHS has now begun the process of adding Ebola vaccine to the program per her announcement in the Federal Register as of Dec 9, 2019.[iv]

Program sounds good so far?

Now comes the nasty curve ball and the bean ball at our heads.

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A New Decade in The Age of Autism

96B72065-81E0-4B3E-BA82-947D1C28D1B7Happy 2020 from The Rebel Alliance. For many of us, this marks the 3rd decade in which we've worked to speak out about the epidemic of autism, and so many other issues facing families around the world today.

Our work is more important than ever, as freedom is under attack in so many areas of our lives. Thank you for your support, shares, etc. Let the “roaring” 20s hear us well....?


Book Review: David Kirby, When They Come for You, St. Martin’s Press

When They Come for You David KirbyNote: On this, the final day of the month, year and decade, we are happy to share this review of David Kirby's latest book, When They Come For You. David's book Evidence of Harm and his work on Huffington Post brought? many readers into the AofA fold.? And like everyone who dares to question anything about vaccinations, he paid a price. Please join us in congratulating him on this book, and we encourage you to support his work with a purchase.? Thank you to AofA Contributor Jonathan Rose for his review.?

A revealing book about how government, law enforcement, and bureaucratic interests are seizing our property, our children, our savings, and our fundamental American rights—and how to fight back. St. Martin's Press

By Jonathan Rose ??????????

David Kirby, When They Come for You, St. Martin’s Press, hardcover $29.99, e-book $14.99.

??????????? For many of us, the penny dropped when we read David Kirby’s Evidence of Harm. My wife and I had watched helplessly as our two daughters gradually descended into autism. The younger one regressed visibly after her fifth-birthday MMR shot, but we did not immediately connect the two events. Doctors offered no explanation, no means of arresting the decline, and no effective treatment (ABA really didn’t work). Shortly after it was published, I took Kirby’s book to read on a business trip. When I arrived at my hotel, I immediately phoned my wife and told her that the culprit had at last been identified.

??????????? At the time we had every reason to think that the autism epidemic would be reversed. Evidence of Harm was favorably reviewed in the New York Times, it won the 2005 Investigative Reporters and Editors award for best book, and Kirby was invited to discuss his findings on television talk shows. Though a disastrous medical error had been committed, we were reasonably confident that what are called the “self-correcting mechanisms” of a democratic society – open public debate and free scientific investigation – would set things right.

??????????? Of course, that didn’t happen. Vaccine injury – along with an ever-lengthening list of controversial topics – is no longer debatable. And abuses of government power, far from being checked, are ever more pervasive.

??????????? This is the subject of Kirby’s latest book, When They Come for You. It devotes only a few pages to compulsory vaccination, but it places the issue in a much larger political context: the protections ostensibly guaranteed in the Bill of Rights are increasingly ignored or flouted by the police, the courts, and bureaucrats. SWAT teams launch warrantless raids on homeowners who have done nothing wrong. Debtors prisons did not end with Charles Dickens: courts today impose fines that impoverished defendants cannot pay and then jail them indefinitely. Police can seize your property even if you are merely suspected of a crime, and they usually keep what they seize.

Acting on anonymous accusations, Child Protective Services removes children from their parents, who are presumed either guilty until proven innocent, or just plain guilty. (Some vaccination advocates have proposed that nonvaccination alone would justify prosecuting parents for medical neglect.) An “unclean home” is considered grounds removing children – and frankly, if your autistic fifteen-year-old is incontinent, your home probably isn’t spotless. Julian Dominguez and Melinda Murphy, two former social workers who have studied allegations of child abuse, concluded that the permanent removal of children was necessary in only 20 percent of cases. The other cases involved either parents who were either completely innocent or too poor to properly care for their children, and the latter could be helped by a more adequate social safety net.

??????????? Most troubling of all, freedom of speech, the bedrock of American liberty, is under attack from institutions that used to defend it. Colleges that once upheld academic freedom now impose speech codes. Major news outlets that always stood up for press freedom now insist that alternative websites be shut down. (See a recent op-ed in the New York Times by a New Yorker staff writer, “Free Speech is Killing Us”.) The Internet was at first hailed as a public forum open to everyone: now tech oligopolies have hired armies of censors to enforce arcane, contradictory, and ever-changing restrictions. Scientists once insisted on free inquiry: now they treat “science” as a set of eternal dogmas, not open to debate or revision in the light of new evidence.

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Connecticut: “The growing needs of students”

Abadnonned schoolNote: Anne Dachel has been cataloging thousands of stories from around the globe that discuss the decline of pediatric health and the impact on education systems. Schools are staggered by the percentages of students with serious mental health, special needs and health issues. Budgets are being stretched thin in an attempt to educate a population never before seen - chronically ill and unwell children from preschool forward. You can find her catalog at

By Anne Dachel

Connecticut: “The growing needs of students”

Sheridan Roy, staff reporter at the Southington Observer clearly has a limited view of the coming collapse of education in her state.

Here was the title of her Dec 27th piece: While school populations decline, special needs are on the rise.

(The story covered a recent presentation at a school board meeting by two special education coordinators.)

Reporter Roy told readers that the increase in special education numbers is part of? “the national trend of growing needs that the school system must meet for its students….”

The fact that the PRESCHOOL SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM IS INCREASING should be worth exploring, but nothing more was said about it. In fact, not once did she venture to say anything about why MORE KIDS ARE IN SPECIAL EDUCATION, while the overall student population is declining. “

Here’s what the special ed coordinator told the board: ‘Our data has indicated that preschool [sped] enrollment is increasing. It has also indicated that our programs are nearing or are at capacity.’

Roy continued,

?“…that prevalence rate is increasing, too. Essentially, the number of students needing to be placed in special education programs is on the rise—especially students with autism spectrum disorder.”

Here’s the jaw-dropping fact revealed by the sped head:

‘Since 2013, the number of students with autism spectrum disorder has increased by 36.6%.’

THERE WAS NOT ONE WORD TO EXPLAIN THIS NIGHTMARE INCREASE or why they expect it to keep growing.


An official even admitted, ‘The issues that students have to come to us with have become more complex over the years.’

STILL there was no attempt to explain why it’s happening.

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Our Top News

Celebrate successBy Cathy Jameson

A couple times this past week, I’ve seen news sources sharing their top 2019 stories.? Some shared a list of their Top 10 in one post while others offered a daily recap over the course of a few days.? I’ve done that here on Age of Autism a few years ago, and thought it would be neat to do that again.? But life got too busy and prevented me from doing anything like that this year.? Not wanting to ignore all that’s been accomplished in the last 12 months, I want to propose something different.? Instead of us here at AofA sharing our top stories, can I ask that you share something amazing that happened for you or your family??

We’ve been able to build each other up before, so tell us about your favorite moment of 2019.? I’ll start with something that’s been making me smile ever since Ronan accomplished it, then you leave your something awesome in the comments below.?

Not only did Ronan indicate that he is aware of toileting needs in 2019, but he did something really cool with his siblings about 3 weeks ago.? Now, those outside our community may not understand why we all leaped for joy the day that Ronan did this, but we are still all sorts of giddy thinking about it.? That’s because Ronan keeps doing it.? What does he do??

Ronan comes up to us, peers deeply into our eyes, then, ever so slightly touches our nose.? Staring straight into our eyes a few seconds longer, he then moves his nose a little to the left and a little to the right.? Because he’s doing nosies!!!? It looks absolutely ridiculous and incredibly silly, but he finally understood how to play the nosey game. ?Like that toileting feat, it only took 15 years for Ronan to be able to play it.? It’s more than a simple game though.? It’s gaining attention from someone and it’s positive and sustained interaction with that someone.? More than anything, though, it’s endearing.

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Don Imus Passes Away at 79

ImusJoin us in sending condolences to Deirdre Imus and her son on the passing of Don Imus. Imus in the Morning was one of the only mainstream programs that gave many of us a platform.? Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill were guests on the program more than once. Below is the post we ran when Mark appeared following our own Dan Olmsted's death in January of 2017.? Deirdre has been a board member of SafeMinds and the National Autism Association, and her commitment to pediatric well-care continues to be strong through The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center. We're sorry to hear of Don's passing.? NYT Obituary

Blaxill Imus
We invite you to listen to our Editor-At-Large Mark Blaxill talking to Don Imus yesterday about his new book, co-authored with Dan Olmsted, titled Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future.

CLICK HERE to listen to the audio clip.

Lyons-Weiler's Reponse to Skeptical Raptor onAluminum Dosing in Pediatric Vaccines

James Lyons WeilerBelow is an excerpt from Dr. James Lyons-Weiler's response to a vaccine injury denials acolyte blogger who calls himself "Skeptical Raptor. "? One might accurately call this an exquisite dissection. If one were so inclined.

Aluminum Pediatric Dosing in Vaccines: Anonymous Aluminum Apologist Bloggers' Fatal Error Totally Supports Our Conclusions

AS A WORKING SCIENTIST, highly trained and skilled in both the art and in the importance of bona fide scientific discourse, it bothers me when I see sorry excuses for scientific engagement such as the articles published, sans peer review, at the obscure Vaccine Risk and Injury Denialist website “Skeptical Raptor”. These articles use an immature style of attacking objective Science under the pretext of defending Science, composed of a mixture of ad-hominem attacks combined with a Gish-Gallop of throwing anything and everything they think might stick at bona fide Scientific inquiry, with a swirl of argument from authority while hiding behind the pretext of fear of being attacked by anti-vaccine, I mean, vaccine risk aware advocates. Science? I don’t think so.

The over-the-top high-horsed tone of the articles published at Skeptical Raptor may be amusing to those who enjoy a good street fight. However, Scientific discourse requires that we take a different tack than Romper Room tantrums in our response. I will indulge a bit in this about the website, however, by stating that in my experience, the anonymous Ghost authors of the (non peer-reviewed) articles at Skeptical Raptor have never met a vaccine-induced injury or death they did not like.

I am only responding to this blog because my colleagues thought I should. I hate to amplify SR; it’s a hate-filled place. I would have expected more from people who call themselves Scientists. Surely the vaccine risk and injury denialista could have found someone willing to take our peer-reviewed study on old-school style, in the pages of the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, where our study was published following blinded peer review (3 reviewers). Frankly, I’m disappointed by the lost opportunity for bona fide rational discourse. In contrast, their online attack is not peer reviewed; the author, or author(s), hid behind the above-mentioned pretext of fear of attack. Perhaps there is a conflict of interest or two they would prefer to not reveal. In contrast, my resume and biography are on the web and I make no income from the sale, manufacture and distribution of vaccines.

Ironically, in their online attack on Science, the ghost author, or authors, whom I will refer to as the anonymous aluminum apologist bloggers (AAAB), unwittingly attacked and destroyed FDA’s “Apology Study” research on aluminum in their attempt to attack our study. I’m referring to the Mitkus study, which was FDA’s attempt to dispense with empirical research such as age-appropriate dose escalation studies of aluminum hydroxide in mice to determine the actual per body weight dose limits for humans. The AAAB’s unwitting attack on the FDA’s Apology Aluminum study (Mitkus et al.) starts with four entire paragraphs of futile and pointless ad-hominem attacks. They cite measles, however, the live virus measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine does not contain aluminum, and thus their “anti-vaxxers are going to destroy us all” trope proves equally futile.

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3 Sheets of Advil Cold Drug Facts

When you walk into our Stop & Shop in town, you're greeted by a life-sized stand up display of a smiling, good looking pharmacist, just old enough to trust but not so old you pass him by, touting the bevy of vaccines he can inject (or the 22 year old assistant) into you while you wait for your deli meat order. As Dan Olmsted would say, "Oh frabjous day!" I was there to buy paper towels and something for a cold. I scoured the shelves for a formulation withOUT acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol) and stumbled upon Advil Cold.? I had to show my driver's license to buy it.

Once home, I looked at the package and noticed the tremendous amount of drug facts on the back of the box. But I couldn't see the dosage! Huh? Finally, I flipped over the box, and there it was, "One tablet dose!" OK. I opened the box, and popped a pill out, relieved I did not need to go into my garage and get wire cutters to get into the blister pack.? Then I saw ""LIFT HERE for more drug facts." Lift here turned into three, count them three pages of info on this cold medicine so that I could make an informed decision about taking the product. Sniffing like Scarface is frowneF475C856-BA94-4AA7-96B7-2AEDB9705591d upon, so I decided to take that ONE TABLET DOSE!

Doctors do not provide anywhere near this much information about the vaccines they inject into you. Show your license? Nah, just roll up your sleeve.

This is wrong.


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Dr. Mercola Responds: Washington Post Publishes Defamatory Lies about Dr. Mercola

TTAV Joseph MercolaWe have excerpted an important message from Dr. Joseph Mercola. It's his response to a hit piece run "accidentally in draft mode" by The Washington Post's Lena Sun. WaPo has been vicious to families with vaccine injured children. I wrote a piece for them years ago - and they changed the headline in a way that was negative and not in keeping with the tone of my article. And they never paid me their paltry fee.? Please read the full article and comment at Dr. Mercola's site Washington Post Publishes Defamatory Lies about Dr. Mercola.

Nutshell background from Dr. Mercola: August 9, 2019, I was contacted by Washington Post reporter Lena H. Sun about information for an article. To avoid my responses being misrepresented to support an industry narrative, I’m publishing her questions and my answers in full

December 2, 2019, I was again contacted with disingenuous questions. Washington Post claims they accidentally published a draft of the article on their site November 15, 2019, and are still editing the hit piece they’ve been working on since August

Amazon is currently censoring products that are critical of vaccines. Amazon founder and CEO Jeffrey Bezos bought The Washington Post in 2013


August 9, 2019, Washington Post reporter Lena H. Sun asked to interview me for an article she was writing about me. I was unable to accept due to speaking engagements, but I did respond to a series of questions in writing.

Considering Sun and the Washington Post’s history of publishing articles in favor of industry, I decided to publish all of the questions and my answers in full, to avoid misrepresentation. Toward the end of this article, you will find correspondence to Sun in its entirety.

In my August response, I also confronted Sun about The Washington Post's concerted efforts to "dig up dirt" on me and my company, as well as her failure to publish a correction to a vaccine story in which she made a false claim.

Nearly four months later, on December 2, 2019, I was contacted yet again by the Washington Post, asking me to answer additional questions. Oddly enough, we were already in receipt of the article with a publication date of November 15, 2019.1

These additional questions were disingenuous as they claim they had published a draft of the article, and they are now going to republish a fresh hit piece they've been putting together since August for the second time. I did not answer these additional questions, but will address the implications of some of them here.

The Washington Post reporters are really concerned with how much money I make selling vitamins, which is ironic considering the owner of Washington Post has admitted to selling and profiting off of FAKE supplements!

They’re also trying to portray the success of my website and my financial support of nonprofit health advocates such as the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) as having “fueled the largest measles outbreak in the United States in nearly 30 years,” calling the partnership between and NVIC “a new strategy for the anti-vaccine movement that is especially dangerous.”2

I have been asked many times to sell my website, which I’ve been told is worth over $100 million. I will never sell, and I’ve donated about $2 million of the revenue from this website each year to nonprofits committed to changing the landscape to make it easier for you to lead a healthier life.

The donations are more than the income they reported in the article.? You can find these organizations at the bottom of each webpage.? Read the full article and the hundreds of comments at Washington Post Publishes Defamatory Lies about Dr. Mercola.


Celebrating an Electric Yule Log Christmas

Christmas_angel-3By Kim Rossi

When I was a child, I used to visit my auntie and uncle in Florida (pronounced FLAH-ridder in Massachusetts, my home state) during winter break. They had an electric log fireplace that crackled as a rotating something or other made of foil slowly turned to mimic fire. It mesmerized me. As I was looking for an interesting Yule Log for today's Christmas post, I found this 1 minute look at the same fireplace.

It got me to thinking that many of us celebrate an electric yule log holiday because of autism. It's not really a log that burns and sends forth heat. Not at all. In Florida, it was considered a magical version of a real fireplace, a fireplace they could not have. Ah.

I hope you and your family have an electric yule log Christmas. Not the imagined perfection of a Currier and Ives card. Not Christmas girlsthe reality that families whose kids grow up typical and move past Sesame Street and Thomas to college and careers and giving you grandchildren. That is not to be for me. Maybe not for you. But.... my 3 beautiful daughters are happy and smiling. They love the holiday because I make it special for them, exactly they way they need it to be special. A plastic ukulele that lights up when you strum it under the tree.? Beads that make a delicious sound when they shake and feel like comfort in a 19 year old's hands.? A fresh pink sweatshirt. These are the things my girls want. And so that it was SantaKim brought.

Merry Christmas. God bless us. Every one.

Love, Kim and all of us at Age of Autism.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Teresa kids

Teresa wrote this post in 2011. Since then, Megan, like many of our children, has aged out of school into adulthood.? Autism takes no holidays. Many of us will awaken tomorrow not to gifts and a hot cup of coffee, but to seizures, a bedroom ripped apart, maybe an empty bedroom for a son or daughter who has moved into residential care.? Some of us will watch our kids open Videocassettes and DVDs we've scavenged from Goodwill and yard sales to please our children who still love Thomas and Elmo. We'll smile. But we'll be sad too. Another year gone by. Our past, present and future bring worry. To think otherwise is a lie.? We wish each of our readers a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and the joy of the season in whatever form it takes for you.? Love, Kim

By Teresa Conrick

Those are my two daughters in 1995.? They were watching a favorite Christmas video, The Snowman,? based on the UK story by Raymond Briggs. Unlike our giddy, holiday Frosty, the Snowman, the UK version is a beautiful, haunting story of love and loss.? The many times I watched it with Meg -- winter, summer, fall,spring -- it didn't matter the season.? Nights she woke up crying from gastrointestinal pain or intense, physical distress, she wanted to watch, The Snowman, but she could never, ever watch when he melted.? She would leave the room.

Megan, now eighteen, has both an autism diagnosis and an autoimmune diagnosis.? Rare?? Unrelated? I think not.? I believe as we end 2011 and enter into 2012, the upcoming year will bring us more facts and research into the connection between autism and autoimmunity.?? With that, let's say goodbye to the autism ghosts of Christmas past?which gave little hope for meaningful research on preventing new cases of autism (regression) or research on medical treatments for those currently affected (progression)? Junky genetic studies,? Drosophilia eye-gazing, unknown autism prevalence, and bullshit research has to END.? We know that?bacteria,?viruses? and?metals? can cause autoimmune effects and the research needs to be centered around that.

Going back in time each holiday season, the ghosts of past Christmases can haunt those living with autism and autoimmunity.? In 1995, my daughter's autism diagnosis was never related to her ongoing illnesses with Streptoccocus and other bacterial infections as well as numerous viral infections.? Labs now have shown IgG quantitative titers for each -- Measles-Mumps-Rubella --? to be elevated.? That was the vaccine that dramatically affected my daughter with many days of rash, fever, GI issues, loss of language and then odd visual issues.? Brief definition of IgG:

Antibody testing
Measles and mumps (rubella)? antibodies are virus-specific proteins produced by the immune system? in response to an infection by the measles or mumps ( & rubella) virus, or in response to vaccination. There are two types of antibodies produced, IgM and IgG. The first type to appear in the blood after exposure or vaccination is IgM antibodies. Levels of IgM antibodies increase for several days to a maximum concentration and then begin to taper off over the next few weeks. IgG antibodies take a bit longer to appear, but once they do, they stay in the bloodstream for life, providing protection against re-infection..?

There are very sick children and young adults with an autism diagnosis, and there seems to be?mounting evidence? that the MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) vaccine has quite possibly left its mark in them.? So back to high titers and autism.? If a toddler is vaccinated at 15 months, what is happening to produce very high titers 18 years later?? Why are the Drosophilia scientists not dropping the fruit flies and looking at viral titers -- or Strep in those affected by autism?

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Peaceful Gathering at NJ Governor’s Residence to Humanize Vaccine Choice

This is the season of miracles. On Saturday, an event took place outside the New Jersey governor Phil Murphy's home to help him understand that the "evil anti-vaxxers" fighting to retain the Religious Exemption in the Garden State are.... neighbors. In fact, one is literally his neighbor. That's Louise Habakus of Fearless Parent at the microphone.

The media and government have done what is necessary in war. They have made average citizens fear parents who do not choose every vaccine on the schedule for their children. They have demonized us. Called us a public health danger. Made us seem? unAmerican even - how dare we not take care of the herd! We can fight back with facts, with protests and events like this. Where a Governor gets to know the men and women and children who will be affected by s2173.

This week, many of us celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. Even if you do not celebrate either, this week is one where folks are a little kinder to each other. The pace slows down for strangers, family and friends. We enjoy a special meal, Tradition matters. Most of us have a day or two to rest.? A little.? December 23 has always been my favorite day of the year. Not my birthday. Not Christmas day itself. December 23. It has a special feeling to me as we anticipate the 24th and 25th. Today, on December 23, I hope Phil Murphy enjoys the peace of the season, and that the grouping at his home helped open his heart and mind.


The Perfect Patient

Snoopy partyNote: The perfect patient turned 17 yesterday. Happy Birthday, Ronan! And thank you to Cathy for sharing her beautiful family and Sunday sermons of hope with each of us.

By Cathy Jameson

Before I sat down to look at the calendar last Sunday evening, I didn’t need to remind myself that we would have an incredibly full week ahead.? I already knew we would.? Besides the kids’ usual events and Ronan’s scheduled weekly therapies, I had my own appointments to get to starting first thing Monday morning.? Knowing I couldn’t be in two places at once, my husband offered to take the morning off.? Having just come home late Sunday night from being gone for 10 days on two back-to-back work trips, I welcomed the break he’d provide by getting the kids up and ready for school.? I’m never up before 6am, but I was actually grateful for the few minutes of peace and quiet I got before walking out the door.?

I had other places to run to after my early-morning appointment was done, so I continued on.? Thanks to having that alone time, I got some Christmas shopping finished.? People often ask me how I take care of everything plus myself with all that we have going on.? I don’t have a perfect answer, but tell them that somehow, usually with the grace of God, things get done.? I wouldn’t realize just how much I really do until a few hours later.?

Midday, I received a phone call from one of Ronan’s caregivers.? She never calls.? Ever.? We do all of our communication via text.? Seeing her number flash across my screen made me think something was wrong.

Something was terribly wrong.

Ronan was at one of his therapy sessions when he began to have a problem which sounded like it might require medical attention.? I was still out and couldn’t get to him quickly.? But my husband could.? Instead of just taking the morning off, he’d been able to take the whole day off.? With him closer to Ronan than I, he met up with Ronan and his caregiver.? I’m glad he could do that because things would soon go from bad to worse.?

I couldn’t get to Ronan when that happened, so I met him and my husband at the ER.? The team of nurses and doctors were quick to help alleviate one of the problems, but we all agreed that with all of Ronan’s existing medical issues and complications, we were in the wrong place.? Ronan would need to be elsewhere with a team of pediatric specialists who could evaluate and treat him.? Not wanting to waste any more time, an immediate Emergency Room-to-Emergency Room transfer was ordered.?

I’ve never had to follow an ambulance that was transporting one of my children.? I hope I never have to again.

CJ ambulance

I didn’t know it at the time, but my husband had snapped a photo, too.? There’s me following the ambulance Monday night.

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How Mothers Protect Their Babies from Chickenpox

Cailloux chicken poxNEW DELHI?

16 December 2019

Viral Immunol. 2019 Dec 13. doi: 10.1089/vim.2019.0090. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 31834852

Ranjan V, Mishra A, Kesarwani A, Mohan KV, Lal SN, Puliyel J, Upadhyay P.

Click here to dowload the .pdf

By Jacob Puliyel

Mothers with a past history of Chickenpox infection may transmit Chickenpox viral DNA to their babies??during pregnancy thereby stimulating??their???immunity against this infection, says a new study.

This mother-to-child transfer of viral DNA may be responsible for the long-lasting protection against serious chickenpox infection seen during childhood, according to its findings???reported in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal, Viral Immunology.

The novel findings will revolutionize the present day understanding of how babies are protected against infections like chickenpox in childhood.

Jacob Puliyel?and colleagues from St Stephens Hospital studied 350 mothers and their new-born babies.

Chickenpox reactivation after surgical stress is known. Scientists have also demonstrated that the stress of space travel can induce subclinical reactivation of chickenpox in astronauts. "Subclinical reactivation of chickenpox, induced by the stress of pregnancy, is being reported for the first time," the authors say.

The present?understanding is that mothers provide their babies protection against a variety of common infections, by transferring readymade antibodies to them. The protection to the baby lasts for 12 to 15 months. If the baby encounters the infection while it is partially protected by maternal antibodies, the illness is mild. The baby then develops their own, long-lasting immunity.

Puliyel and?colleagues suggest that in the case of chickenpox, mothers develop?subclinical viremia and the viral DNA is transferred to their babies. It is likely that in such cases, antibodies are developed actively in the foetus.

"Babies develop more long-lasting active immunity with the transfer of chickenpox DNA from mothers – more than the short-term passive protection provided by the transfer of readymade antibodies,"?the authors say.

In the absence of vaccines, chicken pox spreads easily in the population and repeated exposure to the virus acts like booster doses. The high antibody levels – much higher than that after vaccination - are passed to babies and it protects them.?Vaccination on the other hand will reduce person to person spread of natural disease and the antibody titres are not boosted, and so there is little protection provided to the next generation.

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The Echo-Chambers of Public Health

Heads in the sandBy John Stone

Some readers may recall back in August following the pronouncements of British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, about clamping down on vaccine misinformation. I tried to help by reviewing our National Health Service webpage 'Vaccines are safe and important'. It may be said the web-managers were perfectly courteous but referred my comments to "Public Health England Immunology Team" who took no less than 106 days to reply. I was expecting something really good, considered expert replies to all my criticisms. What actually arrived was nothing but links to other web-pages committing similar solecisms and evasions. Reproducing the letter could apparently open me to draconian penalties but fundamentally the taunt about the "echo-chambers of social media" turns out to be nothing but projection: all they can do when challenged is repeat the propaganda. MISINFORMATION IS INFORMATION THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT LIKE

Review of the United Kingdom National Health Service webpage ‘Why vaccination is safe and important’ (media reviewed 30 July 2019).

I am responding to claims or statements in this web-document ' Why vaccination is safe and important' [1] (not following the original order of presentation).?

I begin with the statement:

“(Vaccines) do not overload or weaken the immune system - it's safe to give children several vaccines at a time and this reduces the amount of injections they need”

It is not clear what the evidential basis is for this statement. Formerly, at least, British health officials were keen to cite a paper by Offit et al (2002) which suggested absurdly an infant could withstand 10,000 vaccines at a time. However far-fetched, this was based on a theoretical claim about routine exposure to environmental antigens. Evidently some environmental exposures are more dangerous than others, otherwise people would not be at risk from infectious diseases at all, but the basis of exposure through vaccination is different (injected), and involves adjuvants so it is perhaps not relevant at all to talk about the number of antigens (as in Offit). In August 2004 Dr Salisbury distinguished in an e-letter to me between the increased risk of adverse reactions in an extended schedule and “overload”, which begs the question what is meant by “overload” and what people are supposed to understand by such a statement. A paper by Aaby et al (2012) was entitled “Vaccine programmes must consider their effect on general resistance”, which is evidently a warning that there is no such blank cheque for expanding the schedule. I covered this ground in my published submission to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee inquiry into anti-microbial resistance last year [2]. The NHS need to clarify what they mean, but also state what the evidential basis is for this claim.

Another statement apparently contradicts the proposition that there is anything inherently safe about vaccinating:

“(Vaccines) get safety tested for years before being introduced - they're also monitored for any side effects”

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Dr. David Gorski, Pharma Troll, Comes Out From Under the Bridge

Troll doc?Note: Many of us have been subjected to David Gorski's.... blog.? James Grundvig shines a light under the ole troll bridge. Trip trap trip trap.... Imagine a breast cancer doctor who devotes his life to shaming, ridiculing and dismissing.... WOMEN.?


Run with permission, see original at

By James Grundvig, Investigative Reporter and Vaxxter contributor

Why would a well-paid cancer surgeon and researcher breach medical ethics and professional conduct on a weekly basis by skimming the internet to formulate social media attacks against scientific researchers, fellow physicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children?

Why go there?

And what is the Detroit metro area Dr. David Gorski’s connection to vaccines, anyway?

The last question, at least on the surface, is initially hard to decipher since all of his 36 co-authored papers listed on PubMed, Gorskidating back to 2003, show that not a single study involves vaccines or vaccination. Not one. Before answering these questions and rebutting Gorski’s recent smear of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and this author, the background and profile on Dr. David Gorski is required.

Dr. Gorski as ‘Orac’

Gorski, you see, spends most of his evenings and weekends hiding behind the online persona of ‘Orac.’ That allows him to lob ad-hominin attacks on physicians, scientists, activists, and parents-turned-researchers who investigate vaccines and search for solutions to the health crisis occurring in their children.

The Orac website “respectful insolence” houses the main Molotov cocktails for his blog posts. Of note, there’s nothing respectful nor professional about the sophomoric site. For years, he hid behind the ‘Orac’ avatar since he didn’t want his cancer career to be impacted by his hate speech. As Orac, he hurled invectives at other professionals like an unhinged teenager.

But wait. There’s more.

Dr. Gorski also runs another, more moderate website that also attacks “anti-vaxxers,” called Science-Based Medicine. That site, in which he is the self-appointed managing editor, enables him to attack the anti-vax movement in a seemingly more lofty and professional manner.

By operating the two polar opposite personality websites, the medical professional know-it-all and the sinister, juvenile Orac, he can vacillate between bogus professionalism and feigned martyrdom while really being just a gutless, humorless pharma troll posting to entertain his “followers.”

By attacking any professional or parent who dares questions vaccine safety and efficacy, Gorski shows an apparently insatiable desire to expand his hate list. He wants to add more names of people he doesn’t agree with, more names to attack, and more names to sully. For what purpose? The Internet in the United States is a two-way street. He’s free to attack those he disagrees with or doesn’t like.

And they are free to slam him back.

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The Ubiquitous Prof Pollard: How Serious is British Medical Journal About Commercial Influence?

Pollardandrew2.previewby John Stone

Recently, British Medical Journal has been signalling an ambitious? intent to rid public health of commericial influence 'COMMERCIAL INFLUENCE IN HEALTH: FROM TRANSPARENCY TO INDEPENDENCE', but how serious is it? In this regard I wrote first to its on-line correspondence column, Rapid Responses, and then when my letter was not published to the lead author of the pilot paper Roy Moynihan and journal's editor in chief, Fiona Godlee, which in turn was not replied to. I was drawing their attention to the story familiar in the pages of Age of Autism of Prof Andrew Pollard.

Prof Pollard is the lead developer among other things with Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG)? of the Meningitis B vaccine, Bexsero. OVG, which is also part of Oxford University, develops vaccines in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry. Back in 2013 Oxford Vaccine Group became affiliated to the newly created agency Public Health England (PHE), a mysterious agglomerate body working within the United Kingdom National Health Service which seems to have been created with the intention of escaping normal governmental accountability.

Shortly after its creation the then Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, wrote to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), the committee which recommends vaccines to the NHS schedule (and is also affiliated to PHE),? to urgently consider the case for Bexsero. The JCVI passed over this unusual request in June 2013 but Prof Pollard was himself appointed to head the JCVI for the very next meeting in October 2013, and under his chairship the vaccine was recommended to the infant schedule at his second meeting in February 2014. Soon after this event negotiations began for GSK to take over the vaccine division of Novartis which manufactured Bexsero, and these were completed early in 2015. This was by chance just in time for Hunt to come to an agreement with GSK over the provision of Bexsero and for him to announce the deal before the May 2015 general election. The commercial prospects of the product took off.

This is just part of the picture. Prof Pollard is adviser to the British and European licensing agencies, he sits on the board of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation until earlier this year with Dr Norman Begg Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of? GSK Biologicals: he has connections with many products which are recommended by the JCVI. If BMJ did not think the instance was relevant Moynihan could have written to explain their position. Instead there is silence, while they back off discussing facts which are well inside the public domain, if largely hidden.

BMJ need to show they mean business.

The correspondence to -? but not with BMJ - is below.

Dear Prof. Moynihan,

I do not know whether there could be legal reasons why...has not posted on-line my letter of 5 December (see below) but there could not be a network of influence more germane or central to the issues you and BMJ are raising. This is certainly not a personal issue about Prof Pollard, but the ubiquitousness of his name poses extremely serious questions. The director of Oxford Vaccine Group (an agency of Public Health England) which develops vaccines with the industry is also the Chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (another agency of PHE) which recommend products to the UK schedule. He also acts as an advisor? to the MHRA? and? EMA, which was extensively discussed in the Nordic Cochrane complaints? about HPV vaccines. OVG took part as well in trials of?the controversial Pandemrix vaccine?in 2009 prior to marketing. I am just sketching in a few issues which could extend over many products.

It is not my view that Prof Pollard is individually to blame for this opaque situation since all these institutions are presumably aware of the potential conflicts and allow them to continue. I personally raised the problem of the OVG/JCVI conflict with the DH, PHE and?in the Scottish Parliament?to no effect. But I do believe there is an obligation for those who know about these problems to bring them into the light of day, and this could not be an area of greater legitimate public concern. I hope BMJ will see fit to act.

I also attach for information the GSK document 'Evening of Evidence' 30 September 2015.

With all good wishes,

John Stone (UK Editor, Age of Autism)

34 Outram Road, London N22 7AF

44 20 8888 7109?

cc Fiona Godlee, ...

Re: Pathways to independence: towards producing and using trustworthy evidence - the case of vaccines

Dear Editor

I express concern about the prestige and doctrine of quasi-infallibility accorded to vaccines, which even put them in a different category from other medical products [1]. The assumption that all medicines are double blind placebo safety tested ?was called into question in these columns in relation to vaccines earlier this year and unfortunately not satisfactorily answered [2]. It often seems that the imperative to ward against infectious disease has itself become reckless.

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Thousands Exercise Their Right to Religious Vaccine Exemption at New Jersey Capitol

11-11111 hours. 11 hours. 11 hours. 11 hours. 11 hours. 11 hours!

Citizens chanted, protested, stood in the cold, ate delivery pizza in the cold, held fast in the cold to fight for 11 hours on Monday to protect the right to a religious exemption for vaccination. They were successful. s2173 was tabled for 2019. You can bet it will be back in 2020. For today, it's a win for individual rights, religious freedom and a child's right to an education. Del Bigtree has three videos of the day on The Highwire. Congratulations, New Jersey.




Acute exposure and chronic retention of aluminum in three vaccine schedules and effects of genetic and environmental variation

AluminumYet another damning article about the aluminum exposure of infants through vaccine products.?
For Immediate Release - Pittsburgh, PA

1. A study of the toxicity of the doses of aluminum in vaccines, led by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler of the publicly funded Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, was motivated by an absence of appropriate testing of aluminum safety testing in vaccines. Dosage safety testing of metals in vaccines is not required by federal regulatory bodies.?

2. The research represent an objective and independent evaluation of an important aspect of the CDC's vaccine schedule safety.?

3. The study builds on prior work that established a "safe" baseline of Al in vaccines for infants derived from FDA limits for adults, corrected for body weight per dose.?

4. A Key Finding is that the CDC schedule likely induces Al toxicity in newborns for over 70 percent of their days in the first seven months of life. This represents chronic aluminum toxicity during a critical period of brain development.

5. The IPAK research team, which included a Board-certified pediatrician, also studied an alternative schedule (the "Vaccine Friendly Plan") and found can be expected to result in aluminum toxicity in only 5% of days over the same time period.

6. In the study discussion, the team has called on the FDA to conduct dose-escalation studies of body-weight adjusted injected forms of aluminum in infant mice to assess the safety of the CDC recommended schedule for humans.
Aluminum is known to induce autoimmunity in mice, rats, and humans. About 60% of vaccines on the CDC schedule contain aluminum.?
Ongoing research by scientists at IPAK includes a study of the effects of CDC recommended catch-up schedules on aluminum chronic and total toxicity, and to define strategies to reduce total aluminum load during catch-up efforts via careful brand choice and spacing out aluminum-containing vaccines.? Tens to hundreds of thousands of families are expected to vaccinate their older children for the first time due to loss of religious and medical exemptions, and therefore pediatricians should especially take heed of the findings of this study.?
This research is expected to reduce the incidence of autoimmune disorders in US children and adults.
Press inquiries (Dr. JLW interview):?Contact Gretchen Fagan (

Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology

Volume 58,?March 2020, 126444

Acute exposure and chronic retention of aluminum in three vaccine schedules and effects of genetic and environmental variation

Author links open overlay panel GrantMcFarlandaElaineLa JoieaPaulThomasbJamesLyons-Weilera


Like the mechanisms of action as adjuvants, the pharmacodynamics of injected forms of aluminum commonly used in vaccines are not well-characterized, particularly with respect to how differences in schedules impact accumulation and how factors such as genetics and environmental influences on detoxification influence clearance. Previous modeling efforts are based on very little empirical data, with the model by Priest based on whole-body clearance rates estimated from a study involving a single human subject.

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Why the Massachusetts Vaccine Bill Could Be Bad for the Immunocompromised

Danger_aheadBy Meryl Nass

The immunocompromised children whom the mandate bills are allegedly protecting will themselves be forced to be vaccinated, if CDC guidelines are used to determine medical exemptions

Here is the evidence that children who are currently exempt?from vaccinations due to a medical exemption, such as previous treatment for cancer, bone marrow transplant, immune deficiency, or an autoimmune or rheumatologic disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus could, under the new rules, be forced to be vaccinated to attend school. See newest version of CDC recommendations in Table 4-1 and Table 4-2 "Conditions incorrectly perceived as contraindications or precautions to vaccination (i.e., vaccines may be given under these conditions)” of ACIP General Best Guidance for Immunization: Contraindications and Precautions

Children with immunodeficiencies (unless severe), autoimmune and rheumatologic diseases are now recommended for vaccinations. Most medical waivers are to be considered temporary. For children who have had severe reactions to previous vaccines (such as a seizure or 'collapse or shock-like state' after DTaP vaccination), they must now receive additional doses of the vaccines to which they reacted, because these adverse reactions were insufficiently severe. (See 2nd item in Table 4-2.) Children with autoimmune and rheumatologic diseases are supposed to receive vaccines, as are immune deficient children, unless their deficiency is rated severe.

While S2359 language is not specific about the medical criteria for exemptions, CDC guidelines for exemptions to vaccination are rapidly evolving and narrowing. Most Vaccine Information Statements (VIS’s) that are required to be given to parents before vaccinating their children, were changed on Aug 15, 2019 and October 30, 2019 and are still listed as “interim”.?

S2359 Language:

(h) The department may add additional elements to the exemption application forms described in subsections (f) and (g).

(j) The department shall have the exclusive authority to approve or deny exemption applications…? For medical exemption applications, the department shall approve all validly and accurately completed medical exemption applications; provided, however, that a generally accepted contraindication is the medical condition justifying the exemption. If another medical condition or set of conditions is provided as justification for the exemption, the department may approve or deny the exemption application based on a review by an expert licensed provider of the stated justification, or request more information about the participant’s medical history in order to make its determination.

  1. Note that an “expert licensed provider” (a nurse practitioner or PA, perhaps, whose scope of practice requires them to follow guidelines) being paid by the state, and who is not the child’s medical provider, probably won’t have discretion regarding exemptions and will likely use the CDC guidelines.
  2. Look at how few “generally accepted contraindications” CDC allows. See the language below in Chapter 4 of CDC’s recommendations to health care providers regarding medical exemptions, particularly

Table 4-2:

Contraindications and Precautions:

Updates Major changes to the best practice guidance in this section include 1) enhancement of the definition of a “precaution” to include any condition that might confuse diagnostic accuracy and 2) recommendation to vaccinate during a hospitalization if a patient is not acutely moderately or severely ill.

General Principles Contraindications (conditions in a recipient that increases the risk for a serious adverse reaction) and precautions to vaccination are conditions under which vaccines should not be administered. Because the majority of contraindications and precautions are temporary, vaccinations often can be administered later when the condition leading to a contraindication or precaution no longer exists. A vaccine should not be administered when a contraindication is present; for example, MMR vaccine should not be administered to severely immunocompromised persons (1). However, certain conditions are commonly misperceived as contraindications (i.e., are not valid reasons to defer vaccination).

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Author Response to Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Retraction of "A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25-29 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection"

Th_J_Tox_Env_HealthBy Gayle DeLong

In June 2018, the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A published my article “A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25-29 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection”.? Data revealed that 60% of women who had not received the HPV vaccine had been pregnant at least once, while only 35% of HPV vaccine recipients had ever conceived.? The article detailed the statistical analysis as well as offered possible biological mechanisms for the results.? Three researchers peer-reviewed the article.? When the article first appeared, the editors eagerly promoted it by making it free.? By early December 2019, the number of views reached close to 24,000.

On October 23, 2019, I received an email stating that Taylor & Francis and Editor-in-Chief Dr. Sam Kacew had opened an investigation of the paper, based on “several public and private expressions of concern about flaws in analysis.”? They gave me two weeks to respond to comments from four post-publication reviewers, and I did so.? On December 10, 2019, I received an email from Taylor and Francis stating that despite my comments, the “concerns raised by the reviewers still stand,” and they were retracting the article.? Since the retraction, the number of views has increased to 24, 227.

In the retraction notice (, Taylor & Francis state that all post-publication reviews, “described serious flaws in the statistical analysis and interpretation of the data in this paper” without going into any detail.? However, one of their reviewers determined that I had been careful with the limitations and conclusions of the paper.? That reviewer agreed with me that an open debate concerning the findings of the paper specifically as well as vaccine safety in general is essential.

The manner in which Taylor and Francis is handling these post-publication criticisms is highly unusual.? Typically, if a researcher sees a flaw in a published paper, he or she openly writes a letter to the editor, to which the author can reply.? Both the critique and the reply are published in the journal.

A basic principle of medical ethics holds that if there is evidence that a treatment, drug or vaccine may be dangerous, even if that evidence is not conclusive, we must investigate those possible problems until we have settled the question one way or another.? Suppressing studies simply because we disagree with them only stifles legitimate scientific debate.? My paper did not claim to offer a final answer to this issue.? It simply raised concerns and called for further investigation into a question that may have an enormous impact on the reproductive health of millions of women.

Major post-publication criticisms – as identified by Editor-in-Chief Kacew – along with my responses are as follows:

  • Methodological Issues: Potential confounders are not accounted for or simply ignored such as an economic downturn, societal trends including postponing pregnancy, increased women in the workforce, changes in contraceptive use, contraceptive failure rates, etc. All these factors impact pregnancy but were not addressed.

The trends mentioned in this criticism address the decline in the overall birth rate.? The value of my study is that each observation identifies whether a woman received the HPV vaccine and whether that woman had ever been pregnant.? To confirm that overall trends were not influencing the results, I added time trends to the statistical analysis and the results remained: Women who received the HPV vaccine were less likely to have ever been pregnant.

  • Misinterpretation of data: Extrapolation of results that the number of pregnancies due to the vaccine are unfounded and supported by findings from studies by an author that uses VAERS database that relies on self-reported adverse events without verification makes the results dubious.

The data I use come from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), which is a non-random survey of people living in the United States.? By design, each observation represents many more people than the individual who is surveyed.? The very essence of NHANES is to generalize from the observations, and the database includes specific weights for each observation.

The comment about the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is not relevant. While I cite an author who uses VAERS, the citation serves merely as background and plays no major role in the analysis.

  • Validity questionable: The issues of selection bias, lack of similar observations in USA and Europe, weak biological plausibility and inaccurate statement regarding dose response are all factors that raise doubts regarding the data.

These criticisms are flat out wrong.? No selection bias exists: I use every observation where the person surveyed includes answers to all the questions I use in the analysis.? There are similar observations in Europe: In a separate study, I show that birth rates are falling in European countries that have implemented wide-spread HPV vaccine programs.? That study is here: Not only does biological plausibility exist, studies continue to be published that point to a link between the autoimmunity that vaccines can induce and fertility issues.? The statement regarding dose response in the paper is correct: I confirmed my interpretation with two independent statisticians.

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ACTION ALERT!! New Jersey S2173 12/16 Signing to Remove Religious Vaccine Exemption

Urgent call to action

Update: The Bill was set aside until January - families showed up in droves, protesting, chanting, and exercising their rights as Americans.


Act Now to Protect Religious Exemptions in New Jersey
New Jersey Residents: Click HERE before 1:00pm 12/16

The NJ legislature has moved like lightning to pass a law that will ELIMINATE the religious exemption for ALL children in daycare and ALL students in public and private schools starting in June 2020. To preserve your rights, email and tweet—and then send a video message. New Jersey Residents: Click HERE before 1:00pm 12/16

By Kathleen Hayes McCarthy

Trenton, NJ -- New Jerseyans were busy cleaning turkey pots and shopping for holiday gifts when their Senators quietly slated Bill S2173 for the voting docket on December 12. This bill is the companion bill to A3818, which was introduced by Assemblyman Herb Conaway in April, 2019 to the Assembly Health Committee as a restriction on the religious exemption. It passed out of that committee, and then the restriction language was stripped to completely remove the religious exemption during the full Assembly floor vote. It then was voted on and passed by the full Assembly.?

With not much time to prepare, New Jersey vaccine and consent rights groups such as NJ Hope from Holly, Innovative Parenting NJ, New Jersey Coalition for Vaccine Choice, The Real Crunchy Mommas, First Freedoms, and Children’s Health Defense joined their voices to oppose this bill. These groups aligned and asked their members to call and email all Senators, especially those on the Health Committee, and also asked their members to meet at the Trenton state Capital building in a boots-to-ground effort to educate legislators and squash the bill.?

A few days prior to the Health Committee vote, the language of the Senate bill was made available online for the interested public to read. There has been and continues to be total media silence that a civil and religious right is being removed from New Jersey citizens. Interested parties who were tracking the bill discovered that it was on the docket themselves.?

For over 50 years, the religious exemption in New Jersey has required a parent or guardian to write a letter explaining how vaccinating their child(ren) went against their religious beliefs and interfered with their relationship with God. This letter was then required to be privately submitted to primary and secondary schools. This system worked, proving that public health measures and religious liberty can co-exist in NJ.?

This new bill S2173/A3818 completely removes the religious exemption from New Jersey law. No longer can the faithful believe in God’s power to protect them. No longer can the faithful rely on their God-given immune system to fight the everyday battles it was designed to do. No longer will a person of faith be able to choose whether to partake in substances being injected into his/her body. There is no more choice and no more consent for the faithful in New Jersey who want to attend public or private school.

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Nearly Exhausted?

Tired_mom2By Cathy Jameson

I remember this day so clearly – like a roller coaster ride, it’s got several ups and downs, and in such a short time span, too.? Originally written a few years ago for family and friends, I wanted to share it here today.?


Once a month, I get an alert in my inbox. ?Like clockwork,?the company that we get Ronan's diapering supplies?from reminds me that it's almost time to re-order his supplies. ?Since life is a tad bit busy for me, I appreciate the reminder. ?

As usual, since it was almost time to submit that order, the email was sitting in my inbox. ?As usual, though, I forgot to check my email. ?I didn't miss out on placing the order because I got a phone call reminder about it this morning.? "Good morning!" a cheerful soul bellowed. ?"I'm calling about Ronan's diapering supplies. ?It looks like he's due for his next shipment. ?Would you like me to push the order through?"

It was only 9:15 a.m. and way too early for me to be as chipper as she was, especially on the phone, especially with a stranger, and especially after the tough week I’d been having. ?Taken aback at how happy this person was made me smile though. ?I wasn't about to be the one to squash her happiness, so I gleefully replied, "Oh, yes, please! ?I was just thinking I should check to see if that email reminder had been sent. ?It's been just about a month since you all sent the last one, hasn't it?"

"Yes, ma'am,” she concurred. “It has.”

"Well, then. ?I'm glad you called," I said still smiling.

"So, same address, same phone number, same information as usual?" the representative inquired.

"That's right. ?Everything is the same," I answered.

"Good! ?So has Ronan nearly exhausted the supply we sent last month?" she inquired.

Nearly exhausted, like his mother??I wondered.

"Yep!" I said.

"Great! ?Let's set this order to go through for him now," she said.

"Perfect! ?Thank you," I added.

After saying good-bye and hanging up, I smiled once more. ?What a great attitude that gal had. ?She did her job well, and I could tell she was not just happy in her position but proud of the work she was doing. ?I do my job well (most of the time), but I don't always have the best attitude. ?I can tell that, and those around me pick up on that, too. ?I know I need to work on changing some of my attitude around, so?I mentally added?Have a better attitude like the diapering service rep's attitude!?to my To Do list. ?Then?I set my attention back on Ronan.? I was packing his things that he and his caregiver would need for his day out, which included getting to one of his weekly therapy sessions.? Before I could get his backpack completely ready, I got another phone call.?

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Best Of: Hedda Get Better the Measles Doll from 1962

Wayback machine

Here's a Best of.....

By Kim Rossi

Let's take a trip back to Christmas, 1962. A little girl named Michele had a Christmas wish for Santa. Michele wanted to play Mommy. Mommies used to take care of sick children. It was part of their job description. Sniffles and sneezes, spotty rashes and wheezes. That was childhood, after all. Get sick,?build an immune system,?grow up.? Michele got a wonderful new doll from Santa that year. Her name was Hedda.

Bella bday 002

Hedda slept through the night like a dream.

Baby smiling?

Hedda smiled at her Mommy

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Atlanta Mom Safely Delivers (14 year old special needs) Boy at Atlanta Hospital

WeepShe didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.

Diana Elliott dropped off her son with special needs, age 14, outside an Atlanta hospital where a nurse ultimately noticed him outside.? Teachers saw a news report, recognized him, and contacted police. According to reports,? "...he does not speak and appears malnourished..."? That could be autism. Many of our kids have difficulty or dislikes when it comes to eating and are very thin. Maybe even malnourished.

I applaud Ms. Elliott.? She is overwhelmed and she did the safe thing for her boy.? The Safe Haven laws are for newborns. We need a version for disabled children and adults. We will see more and more of this and its evil counterpart, murder, as parents live, breathe and age into exhaustion.? Diana Elliott, I hope someone in the system wakes up and helps you and your family.? My initial instinct is to feel empathy and sympathy for you. The story may unfold to reveal not so great information.? I don't know. For the moment. I see a fellow Mom of a pre-verbal teen child. Like my Bella. And guess what?

She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.


CHD Will Not Be Silenced. The Truth About Harlem.

CHD crowd forced out
From Children's Health Defense:

Every hardship we’ve encountered on this journey has been a gift.

It’s when we face adversity?that we truly find out what we’re made of. Everything we claim to be boils down to the question of who we are when the cards are stacked against us, when the oppressors try to silence us, and when the dark forces want to shut us down.

They thought they would bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.

Children’s Health Defense is assembling an army of activists to push for children’s health, justice, medical freedom and truth. We’re holding a spot for you.

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