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Easily Import Contacts[?]
Open & Click-Through Rate Reporting[?]
Advanced Reporting with activity per contact[?]


Create & Send Great Emails
No CC, no BCC, no "undisclosed recipients"[?]
Email Newsletter Builder[?]
Built-in Editor[?]
Upload your own HTML files[?]
Send Plain Text Newsletters[?]
Template gallery with 30 sample lay-outs[?]
Sender addresses library[?]
Personalize newsletters with "mail merge"[?]
Schedule e-mails for a later date and time[?]
Include Attachments[?]
Send targeted e-mails using filters[?]
Social Media Integration[?]
Forward to a Friend[?]
Test Messages[?]
Re-use previous e-mails[?]
Unlimited Image Hosting[?]
Embedded Images[?]
Inline CSS[?]
Send in any language[?]
Google Analytics Integration[?]
API automation[?]
Powerful Reporting and Archiving
Newsletter archives[?]
Public archives[?]
RSS feeds[?]
Open Tracking[?]
Click Tracking[?]
Interactive Graphs[?]
E-mail Programs Usage[?]
Advanced Reporting with activity per contact[?]
Bounceback Reports[?]
Forward to a Friend Reports[?]
Google Analytics Integration[?]
Export as PDF or as image[?]
API automation[?]
Manage Lists & Contacts
Unlimited Groups[?]
Unlimited Fields[?]
Easily Import Contacts[?]
Automated list deduplication & cleanup[?]
Edit contacts as in a spreadsheet[?]
Export contacts at any time[?]
Segmentation using filters[?]
Bulk unsubscribe contacts[?]
Automated unsubscribe handling[?]
Automated bounceback handling[?]
Contact Preference center[?]
API automation[?]
Collect contacts through your website
Unlimited Sign-up Forms[?]
Automatic & Hosted Forms[?]
Confirmed Opt-in[?]
Build advanced forms easily[?]
Customize Opt-in/Opt-out pages[?]
Redirect People back to your site[?]
Create Fancy Signup Buttons[?]
Subscriber Count Chiclet[?]
Recommend us & Earn Commission
Affiliate Program[?]
Referral Program[?]
Account Management & Infrastructure
Multi-User Access[?]
Fully Redundant, World Class Infrastructure[?]
Encrypted & Redundant Data Storage[?]
ISP feedback loop integration[?]
Whitelisted at major ISPs[?]
Extensive Knowledge Base[?]
Fast, knowledgeable support[?]