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    Finally here

    Welcome aboard Josh. And thanks for the planet.

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    Winners of the June 2020 Giveaway...

    Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy your new toys.

    YoWanToday, 05:51 AMGo to last post

    Removing lather from a blade

    When shaving at a sink, I just rinse under the tap (Faucet), however I never leave it running (all water here is derived from desalination and leaves

    easyaceToday, 05:34 AMGo to last post

    8/8 Spanish

    Any of us who have posted our restorations etc have likely garnered some business that way.For some it's just a hobby.
    For those who run a business

    onimaru55Today, 04:09 AMGo to last post

    Cut of the Day

    Yup....spike point bit a fat spot on my Hollywood face....but not pic worthy. If your not bleeding ...your not shaving...

    nessmuckToday, 03:45 AMGo to last post

    8/8 Spanish

    On a technical note this is a Gallery subforum, a place to post pics of a persons razor, etc.
    So, from that perspective he is not a Vendor just

    randydance062449Today, 03:40 AMGo to last post
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